Born in Montana
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Here in Montana there are a few things we know very well: cold weather and how to have fun outside.  

When I became a parent I didn’t plan on letting the first stand in the way of the second! 

Pregnancy and Babywearing Coat Extender











 I’m a mom of two and a maker of things.  When my daughter was born and the days got colder I was frustrated with my options for taking her outside.  I could either bundle us both separately or wear her under one of my husband’s large coats.  I knew there must be a better, easier solution.  Then, a spark of inspiration and the first Shellter was born!


"LOVING my Shellter! I live in Colorado and have a 7 month old little Hazel girl. We use our Shellter everyday! Its so easy and quick to zip into my coat, put baby carrier on, and baby inside my down coat. MUCH faster than putting a squirming baby into a snow suit to keep her warm for an outing. I can't tell you how many comments I get about it. Everyone thinks the Shellter is genius--and no one has seen anything like it down here in CO. 
I wish I'd had the Shellter during my pregnancy, as I busted the zippers on two jackets wearing them too long as I got a bigger and bigger tummy. 
This is the gift I want to give all my mommy friends. Thank you!" 
Emily - CO


"My sister sent me one of your extenders with hood a few days ago. I LOVE it. I want to purchase two more for a couple friends of mine."

Jillian - Chugiak, AK


"I love my Shellter!!  My last baby was a winter baby as well, and at that time, I wore my husband's jacket which was much less stylish and bulky.  I'm currently 36 weeks and I've been plenty warm wearing my Shellter, even in negative temps.  I've switched using it between my normal winter jacket and mysuper warm jacket which takes a couple seconds.  Since we currently have two active boys, I look forward to continuing our winter adventures outside after the baby born knowing he or she will stay cozy in the Shellter.  I would definitely recommend Shellter to a friend, or purchase as a gift for an expecting loved one.  Thanks!"  

Liz -Bozeman, MT


"I obviously love our Shellter. One of the best things is the ease of napping. We can go out for a walk in the cold and I don't have to put as many layers on him because I know he'll be warm in the Shellter. Then, when we get home and he's still sleeping, I can just take my jacket off as opposed to waking him up to take his layers off or his nap ending early because he's too hot."  

Natalie - Bozeman, MT


"It makes outdoor adventures so easy, and keeps the little man cozy. I love it, it fits all my jackets, so I can switch for what the day brings us."  

Angie - CO


"One of our must have gear items for pregnancy and Babywearing (AND adventuring, of course)!" 

Amelia - YNP, WY


"I have loved my Shellter through pregnancy and infancy! Before I chose my zipper style, I looked through my coats to find ones that had the same zipper. I can use my Shellter with a light jacket, rain coat, vest and down coat." 

Kristen - Bozeman, MT


"My wife is much warmer and happier!" 

Matt - Chesterfield, MI


"I received my shelter and it's perfect! It works great and I'm so happy to be able to wear my North Face coat over my bump.  Thanks for the great product and awesome customer service." 

Tameka - Chicago, IL